Assignment 1 for Phot 122: B&W Contrast Filters

Placing different color filters over the lens of your camera while shooting black and white film can have an amazing effect on your image. Black and White film is overly sensitive to the blue wave-lengths of light and so things that are blue tend to over expose a little and thus may look a bit lighter in your final image/print. Using different color filters can lighten and darken colored objects within a scene. This assignment is to show you the effects of different filters and to show you what you can creatively do with those filters.

• For this assignment photograph three (6x6 cameras) to four (645 cameras) different landscape images with a blue sky and hopefully some clouds. 
• You will take four identical frames of each landscape. Each frame should be taken in the follow order: without a filter, with a yellow filter, with a green filter, and with a red filter.
• Do not take photos of sunsets or backlit objects. Have the sun behind you or to the side of you.
• The density of the color filters will lessen the amount of light coming into your lens and have an effect on your exposure. This is called a filter factor. You will need to adjust the camera to insure a proper exposure for each filter/frame.

Your proof sheet and one landscape (8x10 prints of all four frames) are due February 13th. Note: dodging and burning for your prints are encouraged; however, any print enhancements should be applied the same way on all four prints.

Palm Springs, 2011. Hasselblad H2, 80mm lens, Orange Filter