Photo 120: Shooting Assignment 4... Time and Light

This assignment is an exercise of how to see light and how that light changes throughout the day. Things that you should be looking for are, direction, hardness, softness, mood and color. Try to think about how the image changes as the light changes.

 There will be two parts to this assignment with 12 images due for each part (for a total of 24 images). 

 Part A: Outdoor

Select an outdoor scene you can easily return to (not your house or street). Think about the way you want to frame your scene, and keep your view/framing as consistent as possible for each image. Photograph the same scene at various times throughout the day – morning, midday, evening, and times in between (this doesn’t have to be on the same day). Use only a Daylight White Balance for this part of the assignment. The only exception is anything at or after 7pm with lots of artificial lights. You can use a Tungsten/Incandescent White Balance.

 Part B: Indoor 

Photograph an indoor spaces observing and recording the varied lighting conditions. This space should have some sort of natural light coming from at least one window. If your space has one window, make sure that this window does not face to the north. It is okay for the lights of this indoor scene to turn on during the evening and night. Use of a tripod is highly recommended. Consider the composition and framing of each scene you are photographing. Use Daylight White Balance until the indoor lights are brighter than the light coming from outside. At this point switch your White Balance to the appropriate light source (Tungsten or Florescent), or use Auto White Balance.

 Shoot a minimum of 12 images per scene. The recommended times are the following:

7am, 7:30am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, and 7pm

The framing for each scene (indoor and outdoor) should be consistent. A tripod is highly recommended.

 If you shoot the images out of order, re-order the images by the time of day.

 Export a Smart Catalog with collections showcasing each part of the assignment: Outdoor and Indoor.

This assignment is due Wednesday October 16th at the beginning of class.