Assignment 3 for Phot 121: Black and White Contrast Filters for Printing

When making a Black and White print, contrast control is one of the creative controls that you have during the printing process. This can be achieved through exposure and processing (similarly to push or pull processing of film), the use of graded papers, or (in our case) the use of variable contrast filters with VC paper. This assignment is an exercise in the use of these filters and the creative control that you can achieve with your black and white prints.

For this assignment, no shooting is required. You may use any image that you have shot on a past assignment except for images shown for critique. However, the image needs to be a landscape with a good horizon line throughout the image.

Once you have chosen a negative to print, start with the #2 filter and determine the best possible exposure time you can for your print. When you go to make your print, I want to you divide the image into thirds and do a -1 dark exposure on the left of the print, a normal exposure in the middle, and then a +1 exposure on the right. Once you have made the #2 filter print, repeat the process (including the various exposures) using: 00, 1, 3, 4, and 5 filters. In the end, you should have 6 prints representing each of the bold numbers in the printing filter pack and each print will have the three different exposures. A digital photo illustration is below to show you how your prints should look.

This assignment will be due March 20th.