Assignment 2 for Phot 122: Slow Film/Fast Film

Film comes in various different film speeds. Chances are, you have been using mostly medium speed films (ISO 400). With this assignment, I want you to experiment with a very slow speed film, and a very fast speed film. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the other film possibilities available to you.

 For this assignment shoot one roll of Ilford Pan F film and one roll of Ilford Delta 3200. These are the slowest speed and fastest speed films in the Ilford lineup. You can photograph what ever you want. A wide range of subject matters is encouraged. Be prepared with a tripod if you happen to loose light when using the Pan F film. If you can, try to revisit images with the two different films so that you can compare the results. If you happen to have one of the Autofocus Mamiya cameras, you can checkout an extra film back to compare the films back to back. Just don’t forget to change your exposure settings with the different films.

Note, Pan F is labeled as an ISO 50 film, but I personally find the film is better exposed at ISO 32. Delta 3200 is actually an ISO 1000 speed film that is often pushed to 3200. I want you to shoot the film at 3200. Due note as well that each film will have very different developing times.

 For class critique choose one frame from each roll to print.

 Due on 2/27/19 are two 8x10 prints from each roll and the proof sheets will be due with this assignment.