Assignment 5: Creative Use of a Mirror

For our 5th assignment, I want to challenge the class by creating an image creatively using a mirror. Your image and use of the mirror should be well thought out. Having some sense of narrative to the image is a plus. The mirror must be seen in the image. Also, this must be a mirror that they can manipulate or control. Found mirrors or reflections is not the idea for this assignment. Beyond that, I want students to have creative reign over the image that they produce. The one thing that I do not what to see is a photographer selfie of the student taking a pic of themselves with a camera in hand in a mirror. That is too easy. I am not saying that a creative self portrait is not allowed… that would be awesome.

Below are some creative examples that I found online, but as always, feel free to push the assignment beyond the examples shown.

This assignment is due April 10th.