Assignment 6: Print Bleaching

Assignment 6 is a printing/non-shooting assignment; however, students are always welcome and encouraged to take more pictures. :)

For this assignment, I want students to experiment with print bleaching. This is when you apply a bleaching agent to a print to lighten the whole print, or selected areas of the print. This is another form of contrast control. I suggest you pick an image and make five to six prints of that image. You should try to make the best possible prints, but a few different exposure variations is okay. You will want to keep one print off to the side for reference and to compare to your final bleached print.

Couple of tips and notes for this process:
• experiment with bleaching the whole print and selective bleaching.
• if you over bleach and area, you can wash and then re-develop it to bring the bleached areas back.
• if you bleach an area a lot, a color shift may occur.
• once you complete the bleaching process, you need to re-wash, re-fix, and final wash the print again to make this process permanent and light stable. Failure to do this will cause the print to discolor or to slowly continue bleaching over time.

My hope is that students will already have their prints done before we leave for spring break. This way we can concentrate on bleaching the Monday that we get back and present our work on the 24th.

One bleached print and one normal reference print will be due on April 24th.