Second Writing Assignment and your Final

For your second (and final) writing assignment, I want you to find yourself in a situation of creativity or inspiration over spring break. Then I want you to write a haiku. Now, I know this is not a writing nor poetry class. Rather, I want you to use the haiku poem format as a means to be observant. You should also know that the rhyming format of a haiku that you were probably taught in school is an urban legend, so your haikus do not need to rhyme. Instead, think of this haiku as a way to write three lines of observation. Here is a link discussing haiku. Once you have written your haiku, I want you to hand a copy to me on Monday 4/22. These need to be written or printed out. Emails will not be accepted.

For your class final, I want you to illustrate your haiku photographically with a triptych. One print per line of the haiku poem for a total of three prints. This is a very open shooting assignment and you can explore your poem however you want within the photography medium. While I will be collecting the haiku as mentioned above on April 22nd, we will not be looking at the poems themselves until the final where they will be displayed along with your three prints. Note that everything should tie-in together as one final piece, the haiku and the three prints. Also, the prints should be all new images specifically shot for your haiku poem. The use of existing negatives is not acceptable.

Our final is on May 22nd. Do note that there is no lab time on Monday May 20th. That means that all darkroom work at NVC for this semester must be completed by May 17th. However after our critique of assignment 6 on April 24th, the rest of the class will be all lab time for your to work on your project.