Welcome Fall 2019 Students: Phot120, Phot150, Phot151, & Phot152

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog where I will be posting assignments for my classes. Here you will find your assignments and to the right links to your syllabus and to a PDF that I need for all of you to fill out for all of your non writing assignments.

This semester, I am teaching the Intro to Photography Class (120) and the Digital Photography Classes (150, 151, and 152). When I post an assignment, the title of the assignments will have the course listed in the blog title. I think it is good to have exposure to all of my classes, but please pay attention to the postings to make sure they pertain to you and your class.

An important note is that there is no class on Monday August 19th. I will be on a photoshoot that day.

I am looking forward to meeting and to getting to know all of you this coming semester. My goal is for all of us to become better images makers. :)