First non-shooting/writing assignment (All Classes)

Getting to know you

Due Wednesday, August 21st

 To start this semester, I want to learn more about you and the kind of photography that you are interested in. To start, let me know the following things about you:

1.    That is your favorite type of photography? What sort of images appeal to you?

2.    Where to you find yourself appreciating photography the most? Magazines, catalogs, books, or social media?

3.    What brings you to this class? What are you hoping to learn?

4.    Besides photography, do you view other types of art or media (TV, Movies, Magazines, Social Media, Galleries)? If so, what are your favorite things to view?

5.    If you can think ahead, where would you like your photography to be at the end of this semester and in two years from now? What kind of images would you hope to produce?

6.    Thinking back to question 5, look for a photographer whose work you admire. Bring a sample of that photographers work (book, printout, magazine, etc.) and write a one page report on what you like about this photographer’s work and how you would like to see your work move into a similar direction.

7.    Finally, go out and take some photos after you have answered the questions above and written about your chosen photographer. It is okay if the work you shoot isn’t directly related or similar to the photographer’s work. However, do try to think about that photographer and imagine how they may approach what ever you are taking photos of. Bring one digital file to class on a jump drive or hard drive.