Photo 120: Shooting Assignment 1... Exposure (Due 9/4)

Exposure is the process of allowing light into the camera to capture an image. Too much light and the image will be too bright and/or washed out. We describe this as over exposed. Too little light and the image will be too dark and will lack sufficient information. We describe this as under exposed. An image that is neither too light nor too dark with all of the needed information for the image is described as properly exposed. This first assignment is to demonstrate how your camera sees light and to learn the basic properties of how to achieve a good exposure when taking pictures.

On Monday August 26th, we will do this first assignment together as a class. We will be meeting in front of the library. A camera with full manual controls is required for this assignment. Below are the required shooting parts of this assignment:

1: A landscape image demonstrating a bracket of 5 images (hint: you will only change the shutter speed).

2. The same landscape demonstrating equivalent exposures (hint: you will change both the aperture and shutter speed).

3. A bracket of 5 images photographing a person wearing a dark shirt against a white wall (same hint as #1).

4. A series of images demonstrating equivalent exposures using ISOs 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600. For this image, you need an area of light and deep shadows. If you camera can go higher in ISO, then keep going up (hint, as you change ISO, you may find that you need to eventually change both the shutter and the aperture settings).

Once we have these 20 images, we will meet in class on Wednesday to discuss what we have learned and to demonstrate importing pictures into Lightroom.

For this assignment a Lightroom Smart Catalog is due on Wednesday September 4th.