Photo 152: Assignment 1... Luminosity Painting and Saturation Painting

For your first assignment in this class, I want you to create a photo that will hopefully relate to your final portfolio. Then, I want you to experiment with Luminosity Painting and Saturation Painting. Each one of these techniques can be on a separate layers over one image.

For Luminosity Painting, this is a non-destructive technique that allows you to lighten and/or darken areas of an image. First, create a new layer via the dropdown menu: Layer>New Layer. Then, make sure you select the Overlay Mode and click “Fill with 50% Grey”. You will have a grey layer over your image that will have no effect. Then, paint black on that layer to darken areas and white to lighten. You can change the opacity of the brush to increase or decrease the effect.

For Saturation Painting, create a new layer and change its blend mode to Saturation. Then use a bright red brush on the layer to selectively increase saturation. Once again, you can change the opacity of the brush in increase or decrease the effect. You can also use a grey brush to decrease saturation.

Both of these tools are considered non-destructive because they don’t touch the original pixels of the image below.

When turning in your image, make sure it is a layered PSD file with an images size of 1200 pixels on the long edge. Make sure you use the Save-As feature so that you don’t save this smaller file over your original. Then make sure the file is labeled with your last name, then assignment 1. For example: dejauregui-assignment1.psd

This image is due 9/11