Photo 150, 151, 152: Assignment 2 and 3

For this next assignment, I want you all to practice some of the masking and selection techniques that were covered in the Creative Live video. You can use any image taken within this calendar year for this exercise. You can demonstrate different techniques on the same images as long as you have them separated into different groupings in the layers palette in photoshop. When you turn in your image, please make sure it is resized to 1500px on the long edge unflattened. This will reduce the file size, but will still allow us to see your work. This exercise is due Monday September 23rd.

For Assignment number 3, I want you to be thinking ahead to your final portfolio website and to produce an image for your portfolio. This is an open assignment where you can photograph what ever you want. However, you should take into account what kind of image you want to create and any sort of production needs that you may have. Items like styling, art direction, lighting, composition are examples that you should be thinking about when photographing for your portfolio. This image is due Wednesday October 2nd. You can choose to display this image via print or on the digital display. However, I would love to post prints of this assignment onto the gallery wall in the Arts Building.