Photo 120: Shooting Assignment 3... Color

This assignment is an exercise of color and seeing color. For this assignment, I want you to shoot at least 50 different images. From these images, I want to see the following:

Four different images showing strong complementary color contrasts.

Four different images showing warm color.

Four different images showing cool color. 

Thoughts on this assignment for you: 

You are free to use any camera or smartphone for this assignment.

None of these images should be manipulated to change the color after the image has been shot.

Pay attention to the color of the light that you are shooting under and what color balance you are using under that light.

Proper exposure is critical to color. This may be a challenge if using a stock smartphone photo app.

There are no restrictions on subject, but your goal should be to make interesting photographs.

Students will export a Smart Catalog with three different collections each containing the three parts of the assignment.

Minimum 50 images shot.
12 total images to present in class.

This assignment is due October 2nd.