Assignment 1 for Phot 123: f/8 with a creative tilt or swing.

For this first assignment with the 4x5, I want you to compose a picture. Any picture that you want to take is fine for this assignment (still life, landscape, portrait, etc).  After you have taken the photo, play with moving the front standard swinging to one side, or tilting it up or down. Make sure the image with the swing or tilt is using a f/8 aperture setting. Don’t forget to re-focus. Be creative and explore how you can change the image by changing the plane of focus. 

A minium of 4 sheets of film (two different images) are required, but 8 sheets is preferred (basically two proof sheets), and two prints from one setup. A normal print and the same setup with a tilt or swing. 8x10 prints are okay, but 11x14 prints will really showcase the beauty of the 4x5 negative. This assignment is due February 13th.

The image below is from a photographer named Keith Carter. He uses a special medium format camera, however the tilt effect is similar.